Choose Your Porch Potty

Replacement Parts (in case you need extras)

Porch Potty Premium
Synthetic Grass
Looks like real grass
and easy to clean.
$53.90 (AUD)
Porch Potty Premium
Scented Fire Hydrant
Helps train your dog and gives
them an object to aim at..
$12.10 (AUD)

Porch Potty Accessories (customize your Porch Potty)

Porch Potty Premium
Indoor Catch Basin
This self contained basin replaces
the drain hose if you can't use it.
$13.20 (AUD)
Porch Potty Premium
The first odor eliminator
designed for dog potties.
$29.00 (AUD)
Porch Potty Premium
Water Timer
Completely automate your water
rinse cycle while you sleep.
$55.00 (AUD)