• Convenience

    Your dog will love having his own grass area so close. No more holding it for hours while you’re at work or sleeping. Great for aging or injured canines and humans alike, bringing the backyard right outside their patio door.

  • Two Drainage Options

    The built-in drainage system can be used outdoors or indoors. Use the 14 foot drain hose if you have a patio drain or rain gutter nearby. If not, buy the Indoor Catch Basin to collect the liquids below the Porch Potty. Both are completely interchangeable.

  • Complete Automation

    A Porch Potty Premium rinses and drains itself automatically. With the optional water timer, the pop up water jets turn themselves on and off everyday. The grass area floods with one inch of water before the drain empties it, leaving the grass fresh and odor free.

  • Easy To Keep Clean

    After picking up any solids, a few gallons of water three times a week is all that is needed to keep your Porch Potty clean and deter odors. No soap or harsh chemicals are necessary.

  • Real Or Synthetic Grass

    Each Porch Potty comes with our waterproof, nylon synthetic grass. You may also choose to upgrade to our organically grown, hydroponic grass, called Training Sod. The Training Sod is designed specifically for the Porch Potty and uses our dogs’ natural instincts to speed train or transition them to use the Porch Potty.

  • Everything Included

    Why buy everything separately, when you can save money and get it all included? For no extra charge, Porch Potty includes the scented fire hydrant, long drain hose and synthetic grass for one low price.

Porch Potty vs Other Litter Boxes

Our system is the most comprehensive out there. See for yourself how we measure up to our competitors.

Size Drainage Rinsing System Grass Price
Porch Potty Standard 52" x 28" Self draining - 14' drain tube and indoor catch basin No Synthetic Grass Included $395.99
Porch Potty Premium 52" x 28" Self draining - 14' drain tube to direct water to basin Yes Synthetic Grass Included $425.99
Pet Patio Potty 56" x 38" None - Uses litter No No Grass Included $439 + shipping
Classic Penthouse Dog Potty 41" x 41" Pan to empty every day No Included $529 + $55 shipping
Pooch Potty 48" x 72" None - must be cleaned every day No No Grass Included $275 + $55/w for sod
Pidle Place 30" x 19" Drain self contained, entire unit must be dumped No Synthetic Grass Included $100 + $30/m for synthetic grass
Patio Park 56" x 26" None - must be cleaned every day No No Grass Included $279 + $49 for replacement turf
The Pet Loo 33" x 33" Pan to empty daily No Synthetic Grass Included $169 + $50 for replacement turf

What our customers are saying

I just wanted to say that the Porch Potty enabled me to be able to get, and keep my puppy. I have some health issues right now, and am often quite dizzy first thing in the morning. With the Porch Potty I can just let Lena out on the balcony, and she takes care of business. It’s also very nice to have in rainy weather, which is most of the time in Oregon. It’s also great at night! It did not diminish her learning to go outside where she is supposed to go, either. Thanks for a great product. I have recommended it to a number of my clients.

-Tiana Phillips

Just in case you haven't heard of the Porch Potty...check it out! It's great to have especially if you live on a second floor; during cold weather, rain, or snow; and late at night/early in the morning. My pups has one and we love it!!

-Jillian Senn