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Features Standard Premium Small
Scented Fire Hydrant
Synthetic Grass Included
Stylish Outdoor Wicker Design
Sprinkler Rinsing System
Rinse Manually (ie. watering can)
Automatic 14' Drain Hose
Removable Catch Basin optional
Training Sod - Fresh Soil-less grass USA Only USA Only USA Only
All Porch Potties come with the following:
Scented Fire
Flexible Drain

The Porch Potty Premium has SPRINKLERS.

If you have access to a garden hose or water spigot, you should consider the Porch Potty Premium with a built in Sprinkler System. It makes it easy to rinse the Porch Potty by just turning on and off the water. If you are really lazy *smile*, add our Water Timer to the spigot and set the timer to run every night while you sleep. If you don't have a water source, we suggest getting the Porch Potty Standard. You will simply rinse the grass by running water over the top with a watering can. This is the best way to keep the grass clean and odor free.

dog bathroom

1. Timer Turns Water On
Add the water timer to turn the water supply on and off at the same time every day for one minute.

dog turf

2. Sprinklers Rinse Grass Clean
Two pop up sprinklers rinse the grass clean with over 4 litres of fresh water.

Drain Hose empties to nearby drain

3. Water Drains Away
The water runs out the included drain hose to a nearby floor drain, rain gutter, or flower bed.

Porch Potty Standard has TWO Drain Options

Drain Hose

Both Premium and Standard versions come with the 4.3 meter drain hose included. This allows any water and urine to be rinsed down the drain hose automatically.

Catch Basin

If you don't have a convenient place to run the water (patio drain, rain gutter, flower bed, neighbor's balcony below), then you should get the Indoor Catch Basin when you purchase the Porch Potty. It makes it easy to contain the rinse water and remove it when its convenient for you.


dog bathroom

Drain Hose
All Porch Potties come with
a 4.3 meter drain hose.

dog bathroom

Catch Basin
Holds 7.57 litres of water
and easy to use.

Choose Your Porch Potty (your dog will be so happy)

Replacement Parts (in case you need extras)

Porch Potty Premium
Synthetic Grass
Looks like real grass
and easy to clean.
$53.90 (AUD)
Porch Potty Premium
Scented Fire Hydrant
Helps train your dog and gives
them an object to aim at..
$12.10 (AUD)

Porch Potty Accessories (customize your Porch Potty)

Porch Potty Premium
Indoor Catch Basin
This self contained basin replaces
the drain hose if you can't use it.
$13.20 (AUD)
Porch Potty Premium
The first odor eliminator
designed for dog potties.
$29.00 (AUD)
Porch Potty Premium
Water Timer
Completely automate your water
rinse cycle while you sleep.
$55.00 (AUD)