Stay warmer this winter with Porch Potty

With dog breeds like Cavoodles, Labrador Retrievers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers topping the list of most popular breeds in Australia, it’s safe to say that many Australian canines tend to be more of the “hearty” variety.

However, cold weather can turn even the toughest of breeds into shivering messes reluctant to go outside, not to mention their human companions that have to brave the cold with them.

Porch Potty is here to help with the winter day blues. Save yourself from those miserably chilly, late night potty breaks by giving your dog a yard right on your balcony or porch.

Whether you live in a house or a flat, Porch Potty saves you time and steps when Nature calls.

Here are some ways that our Porch Potty Community uses their Porch Potties to keep everyone warm and dry:

1. Place your Porch Potty close by on your balcony or porch. By keeping it right outside your back door, you don’t even need to grab your coat!

2. Place your Porch Potty undercover, stairwells, or a Porch Potty Canopy may help keep it protected and dry. Some dogs are just finicky when it comes to getting their paws wet and, as we all know, a distracted dog is a dog that takes forever to potty. By keeping their Porch Potty sheltered and dry, they are more likely to handle their business and return quickly.

3.  Convert unused greenhouses into an ultimate luxurious “doggy suite” with Porch Potty. Keep them dry AND warm with a spa of their very own. Note: Tutu and balloons on birthdays only.

Cold weather and icy walkways can spell trouble for arthritic or limited mobility dogs, which can result in further injury. Both the standard and small Porch Potty models can also be converted to indoor use during winter months with our Indoor Catch Basin, keeping your chill susceptible dogs safe and warm.

Spare yourself the trouble, worry and cold this winter. With Porch Potty, everyone can stay a little warmer, drier and happier.

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