The Best Way to Turn Your Balcony Into the Perfect, Cozy Doggy Haven

The Best Way to Turn Your Balcony Into the Perfect, Cozy Doggy Haven

Dogs can benefit greatly from having their own cozy spot in your living space. So, while you have your preferred spot, why not give your dog their own comfortable space when they need to relax? It’s easier (and more affordable) than you think, so let’s dig into some decor inspiration to create the perfect doggy haven for your outdoor balcony! 

Start With the Basics

Before starting, measure your balcony to see how much space you’re working with for this project. If you get a new dog bed or other small furnishings, you’ll definitely need to know what you can fit in the limited space. Of course, every balcony is sized differently, but the average measurements for a small, medium, and large apartment balcony are: 


Once you know how much room you have, add the basic necessities like a food and water bowl. Then, add your Porch Potty to the balcony so your dog has a comfortable spot to go when nature calls. If they need help going on the platform, encouragement and scenting goes a long way! 

Make It Cozy

Now it’s time to your dog’s bed, their favorite pillows, or both. Although you can buy a new bed or pillows if you’d like, it’s not completely necessary. All that matters is making your dog comfortable, so adding their toys to the mix is also a great way to start building their doggy haven. 

There are many ways to make your dog comfortable, from beds to potty products that will keep the area cozy and clean. If you have an older dog that has difficulty getting cozy due to aches and pains, there are some things you can do to help. 

Rugs and yoga mats can help an older dog’s joints when sitting and standing back up, so place a small rug or mat on your balcony to ensure your dog gets the traction they need under their paws. Other objects like ramps can also help if there’s a step or bump to walk over to get onto your balcony. These can especially help toy breeds of dogs when they age and may not be able to jump over these obstacles anymore. 

When placing your dog’s bed and pillows on the balcony, make sure they also have shade over the area where they’ll be lying down or sleeping. After all, you don’t want your pup to get overheated! 

This solution can be as simple as getting your dog a beautiful canopy bed, or you can try a DIY method. Think back to your blanket fort building days and find a cotton sheet, tapestry, or some kind of fabric that will block out the harsh rays from the sun. Then, you can configure different ways to tie the material and create a canopy over your dog’s bed area. 

Decorate the Space

Want to make your dog’s space beautiful and aesthetically pleasing? Depending on your budget, you can buy bedding and pillows of a similar design or make the area colorful with different decor. Think of the design possibilities, from glam to classic to modern and more! 

Match your dog’s personality to their cozy space with patterns and other decorative items. Think about things that create a calming space for your dog. Every pup is different, so every pup has different likes and dislikes. For instance, if your dog is scared of the house plant you placed in their balcony space, then bring the plant back inside. 

Some plants are beneficial for preventing air pollution and adding a touch of nature anywhere. But what are some non-toxic plants that will work perfectly for your balcony space while keeping your dog safe? 

Besides adding pretty decor and a lovely garden aesthetic, what other benefits does your dog get from plants in their cozy haven? 

Plants can also alleviate loneliness, help a pet’s socialization skills, reduce stress, and provide a sense of comfort for them. Plus, imagine the privacy it gives your dog when the plants are providing cover for their sleeping or potty spot. 

Discover What Your Dog Likes

Through decorating the perfect doggy haven, you’ll discover what creates a calming environment for your dog. If something isn’t connecting with your dog, place it elsewhere in your living space. Your vibe may be chill, but not everything you love will vibe with your dog. Maybe they love having privacy in their spot, or maybe they want to see beyond the balcony to bark at the world. Observe how your dog interacts with their new surroundings and see if there are any changes you can make to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. 

Creating a cost doggy haven can be as simple or “extra” as you’d like, but always remember that the space is for your dog to relax and feel at home when they’re feeling stressed. 

When they absolutely love their brand new cozy spot, you’ll know it for sure when they thank you with love and kisses! No matter your budget or style, you can definitely make it work and create the perfect doggy haven for your dog to relax anytime they want. Who knows, maybe you can sometimes use it as your hideaway as long as you bring the pup a treat first! 

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