12 Christmas Names for Your New Christmas Puppy

12 Christmas-Themed Names for Your New Dog

by Peter Mitchell

A few days before Christmas last year a gorgeous white fluffball Havanese puppy became the latest addition to my family.
We love him so much.

Potty training was not a problem. He jumped on his Porch Potty the first day. BUT! We did face a HUGE obstacle. The obstacle was selecting a name for our cute little fella.

I lack imagination when it comes to naming dogs. My Jack Russell was named Jack, my Incredible Hulk-sized Doberman was Brutus, and my ever-affectionate French poodle was Pepe Le Pew.

When our Havanese arrived, I presumed he would have a Cuban name. I am a big Major League Baseball fan and suggested “Yasiel” after Yasiel Puig or “Jose” after Jose Abreu. I also suggested Scarface and Tony Montana. Nope. My wife and children shot the names down.

After much debate, my son randomly suggested “Pocket”. My daughter loved it. My wife also gave it the big thumbs up. I was outvoted in a 3-1 landslide. I claimed election fraud, but eventually conceded. I have grown to love the name Pocket. It suits him. He is a pickpocket. Leave something in your pocket and he will sneak up and steal it.

So, what if you are welcoming a pup to your family this holiday season? What are you going to call your pup? Why not be like my family and choose a common word that is an uncommon pet name like Pocket. What about a common uncommon Christmas themed name? Below are 12 suggestions.

If you call your dog Mistletoe, it creates a few advantages. It will score you plenty of kisses. Lift your pup over your head. People have to kiss you. Also, we tend to affectionately shorten names. You can shorten the name to “mistle”. It sounds like “missile”. If your pup is fast “missile” will be perfect. Go Mistle!

How cute is that for a name? Again, you can shorten it to “Pumpkin”. Not only is it suitable for Christmas, but “Pumpkin” fits with Halloween and of course you cannot have Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie.

3.) SANTA:
Why not? Who doesn’t love Santa? He brings joy. So does your pup.

There are so many happy, joyful festive season names that will be perfect fits for your pup. Jolly is a word that makes you Jolly. Ditto with Jingle and Sugarplum. I should’ve called my Doberman Sugarplum.

OK. Maybe you’re not looking for a joyous Christmas-themed name. What if your pup is scruffy and a bit of a grouch? Maybe stingy. Won’t share his kibble or new toy? You can’t call him/her Jolly/Jingle/Sugarplum. Call him Grinch. Or Scrooge. Let’s face it. No matter how despicable the Grinch or Scrooge are we end up embracing them in the end.

6.) RUDOLPH (or one of the other reindeer names):
Santa was great at naming his pets. No matter the breed, size or personality traits of your pup there is a suitable reindeer name. You can’t go wrong with Rudolph, Comet, Blitzen, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Cupid or Donner.

If you are a big Judy Garland fan and love Christmas, then “Garland” might be the name for you. Lots of dogs are named Toto after Judy’s four-legged Wizard of Oz buddy. Boring. Shake it up. Go Garland!

If you dog is white, or maybe just sprinkled in white like the top of a cupcake, Frosty might be the moniker for your pal. Frosty was the world’s favorite talking snowman before that Olaf fella came along. Frosty the Snowman, or Frosty the Pup, will always bring a smile to our faces.

If your new pup is a Weimaraner, Siberian Husky, Shiloh Shepherd or another beautiful silver breed and is arriving before Christmas “Tinsel” might be the perfect name. When a friend asks you how your new dog is you can be witty and say: “I’m wrapped in Tinsel”.

10.) NOEL:
Noel is a great dog name? Picture this. You are at the dog park. Noel does not want to go home. He has made friends with a sexy Labrador. You call out to him. He won’t come near you. You get frustrated. BUT! If you name your dog Noel you can turn your frustrated shouting at Noel into a beautiful Xmas song. You stand in the middle of the dog park, clear your throat and sing out loud: “Noel, Noel. Noel, Noel. The First Noel, the Angels did say”. Everyone at the dog park will applaud your beautiful singing voice. You may even get an invite to star in a Xmas Broadway show. Noel will be so embarrassed he will ditch the Lab and run straight over to you.

11.) BING or CROSBY:
Keeping with the Christmas Carol theme, the festive season is not complete without Bing Crosby’s smooth baritone voice crooning Silent Night. Call your pup Bing, Crosby, Bing Crosby or Harry Lillis Crosby Jr (Bing’s birth name).

Why not? You love your Porch Potty, right? Your pup loves your Porch Potty. If Santa brings my family another Havanese cutey this year, I’ll make sure he/she is named Porch Potty.

ONE IMPORTANT LAST THING … please remember pups are a lifelong commitment. They are your “FurEver” friend so if you get one for Christmas make sure you are ready to make the “FurEver” commitment.

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