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Dog Bed

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Style and relaxation all rolled into a once upon a dream bed and lounger perfect for your dog!


It’s a perfect stylish piece that matches your dog’s own “yard of her own”- the beautiful and functional Porch Potty. Who knew that such a single functional piece would be the corner stone of your dog’s own personal look?  In this bed, your sleeping beauty will be wrapped in style and love. 

The dog bed is made of a beautiful resin that provides the elegant expression of wicker yet the cleanliness of a smooth material.  The beautiful red cushion provides softness and support for your four-legged family member.


Outer Dimensions: 57.9cm x 82cm x 26.9cm 
Material: Resin Wicker

Available Products to complete the set:

  • Dog Bed Canopy
  • Porch Potty (Premium, Large or Small)
  • Porch Potty Canopy