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  • Long work hours made potty breaks tough for this medical professional

    When Shelby Subry brought home Levi, she knew she was going to need a little extra help with potty training. Between the long hours at the hospital, her pup’s young bladder and trying to keep things as simple as possible for her new dog sitter, providing Levi with everything he needed was going to be a challenge on her own. Shelby agreed to share her tips and tricks that helped Levi in those critical first months.

  • Meet the Official Porch Potty Test Team

    We have hired our harshest critics to be a part of the official Porch Potty Test Team: our own pets. Come meet the source of our inspirations!

  • Quality, style and construction that lasts a lifetime

    What makes Porch Potty stand out? It's function may not be glamorous, but the look of it sure is. Weather-resistant materials and quality craftsmanship ensure your Porch Potty lasts a lifetime.
  • Stay warmer this winter with Porch Potty

    Don't spend another winter shivering in the cold while your curious canine takes forever to do his or her business. These Porch Potty tips will keep you and your dog warmer and dryer this winter!
  • TURFtastic: the first enzymatic cleaner specially formulated for dog potties

    You love that your dog uses his/her Porch Potty, but over time, you may notice that it starts to smell. While there are many enzymatic cleaners on the market, many of them may actually discourage your dog from using their Porch Potty. TURFtastic is specifically formulated for use with Porch Potty, we'll tell you how!

  • Tips to keep your Porch Potty smelling Fresh

    One of the most common questions we receive before someone purchases a Porch Potty is "But will it start to stink?" Here are easy to follow tips that prevent unappealing smells on your balcony or porch.
  • How to transition your dog to Porch Potty

    Having a little trouble convincing Brutus to use his new Porch Potty? We're here to help! Check out these tips to make the transition as smooth and trouble-free as possible.
  • Furbaby Mom’s Love for Special Needs Pups

    Meet Donna, the spunky and funny FurMom to a rascally lot of Bulldogs, two of which are special needs. When she mentioned she'd bought from Porch Potty to help manage their special needs, we just knew we had to know more and boy, are we glad we asked!
  • 12 Suggested Dog Breeds "Perfect" for Santa

    The Porch Potty team chimes in for what we think would be the perfect pooch for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Some of us head in the right direction. And then there's Mike. Oh, Mike.
  • 12 Hottest Hollywood Superstar Dogs

    Who better to report on Hollywood's Hottest Dog Stars than our very own Peter Mitchell! Having enjoyed an illustrious career interviewing Hollywood's top stars, he tracks down the top 12 Superstar dogs for us! Please keep #1 a secret, it's a matter of National Security.
  • 12 Top Names for Girl Dogs in 2020

    Now for their female counterparts! Here are the top 12 girl dog names around the world. See if your dog sports one of these popular names!
  • 12 Top Boy Dog Names of 2020

    Curious what the most common boy names for canine companions are around the world? We've compiled a list for your entertainment or ideas!