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  • Quality, style and construction that lasts a lifetime

    What makes Porch Potty stand out? It's function may not be glamorous, but the look of it sure is. Weather-resistant materials and quality craftsmanship ensure your Porch Potty lasts a lifetime.
  • Is your dog experiencing separation anxiety?

    After over a year of having you all to themselves, it can be a painful transition to post lockdown living. While some dogs may take to the change easily, others are bound to struggle with it.

  • Indoor activities for your outdoor energy dog

    You know that when your dog Charlie doesn’t get properly exercised, he has a tendency to discover some “fun” for himself. This usually includes but is not limited to activities such as dragging trash around the house and shredding your daughter’s favorite teddy bear. But...the rain...

  • Stay warmer this winter with Porch Potty

    Don't spend another winter shivering in the cold while your curious canine takes forever to do his or her business. These Porch Potty tips will keep you and your dog warmer and dryer this winter!
  • 5 chemicals that can kill your dog, found in nearly every home

    Your dog is your best friend. Your family. You'd never do anything to harm them. But what you don't know can kill them. These 5 common, every day chemicals can put your dog at risk of poisoning...or worse. Find out what to look for, what to do instead to keep your canine companion happy, healthy and safe.